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Disabled Parking Decal Information

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Free Transportation To Permanently and Temporarily Disabled Members of the UF Community
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If you are a student, faculty or staff member and park on campus using a state-issued Disabled Persons Parking Placard, you are required to purchase a UF Disabled Persons parking decal (if you have a mobility-related disability, you may be eligible for special parking accommodations upon purchase). To purchase a Disabled Persons decal, all applicants must bring the following documents to Transportation and Parking Services for review:

  1. Copy of driver's license
  2. Copy of state-issued Disabled Persons Parking Placard
  3. Copy of state-issued registration sheet for Disabled Person Parking Placard

Where Does The UF Disabled Persons Decal Allow Me To Park?

The UF Disabled Persons decal must be displayed with the state-issued Disabled Persons Parking Placard and grants registered students, faculty and staff the opportunity to park in any disabled or decal-restricted space on campus. The decal will not be honored in gated parking areas, carpool spaces, reserved spaces, service drives, and no parking areas. Qualifying full-time faculty and staff may request a reserved parking space close to their primary workplace (please inform Transportation and Parking Services during the review process).

Individuals Choosing Not To Purchase The UF Disabled Persons Decal

UF faculty, staff and students choosing not to purchase the UF Disabled Persons decal are reminded that the state-issued placard will be valid only in metered spaces and marked disabled spaces located on streets. The placard alone without the required accompanying UF decal will not be acceptable in any UF parking lot or garage, including the disabled spaces within those lots and garages. Violators are subject to ticketing.

The UF Disabled Persons decal is intended to control the illegal use of state-issued Disabled Persons Parking Placards on campus and ensure maximum access to parking accommodations for the disabled. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience and we thank you for your cooperation.