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UF Bookstore and Visitor Welcome Center
Garage Reservations

Parking may be reserved in the UF Bookstore and Visitor Welcome Center garage for conferences and special events held at the Reitz Union or in nearby facilities.
A minimum of 20 spaces is required for garage reservations.
The entire facility may be reserved if needed, although Transportation and Parking Services reserves the right to limit the number of spaces that may be reserved for each event.

Due to the limited number of parking spaces in this garage and the high number of events held at the Reitz Union, reservations should be made as far in advance as possible.

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  • Garage Reservation Fees and Policies

    Normal garage operating hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Reservation Fee Schedule

    * All reservations will be billed for the total number of spaces reserved rather than spaces used. Please make sure that you have an accurate count of guests attending to ensure that you're not billed for unused spaces. *

    For events occurring within normal operating hours, the charge for reserved parking will be $5 per space per day to reserve spaces for guests arriving anytime between 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM.

    If spaces must be reserved for guests arriving between 12:00 PM - 4:30 PM, an additional charge of $2 per space per day will be assessed in order to guarantee those spaces (total cost $7 per space per day).

    For events held during non-operating hours (after 4:30 PM on weekdays and anytime on weekends) the charge for reserved parking will be $2.50 per space plus a $50 administrative fee. TAPS reserves the right to charge additional fees as needed.

    Event hosts may also choose to have their guests pay for their spaces individually upon arrival. For reservations where event hosts choose this option, the host will be charged as shown above for any unused spaces out of the total number reserved.

    Hold Times

    Spaces will be held up to 30 minutes after the starting time of the event before being released for general use (event hosts may designate a longer hold time for events if necessary).

    TAPS cannot guarantee re-entry privileges for event reservations. Guests who remove their vehicles from the garage after parking may not have an available parking space upon re-entry.

    Guest Identification

    A permit with the name, date and time of the event is required to enter the reserved spaces. The permit may be created either by the event host or by Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS-created permits will be sent to the event host in PDF format for mail/email to individual guests). Event hosts are required to submit a copy of their created permit to TAPS to facilitate guest identification.

  • Welcome Center Garage Parking Reservation Request Form

    Please remember that a minimum of 20 spaces is required for Welcome Center Garage reservations.

    Please contact Transportation and Parking Services at (352) 392-PARK (7275) or email Leslie Weinberg with any questions you may have regarding your reservation.

    This form is a PDF file and will automatically email itself to TAPS once you finish and choose Submit. If you do not have PDF reader software, go here to download a free version: Adobe PDF Reader

    Welcome Center Garage Parking Reservation Request Form

Event Parking Permits

Parking is an increasingly scarce commodity on campus and the cost of maintaining/enhancing/building parking facilities is increasing. In fairness to the University community, events utilizing these facilities should share in their expense. Accordingly, Event Parking Permits will be made available in a limited number of parking areas at a cost of $2 per vehicle per day to the various organizations sponsoring events on campus as approved by Transportation and Parking Services.

Event Parking Permit requests may only be submitted by employees of the University of Florida.

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  • Permit Requests and Payment

    Submit Event Parking Permit orders at least one week in advance via email to Stephen McEldowney. Permit requests may only be submitted by employees of the University of Florida. Please be sure to include the number of permits needed and the name, location and date of the event with your request.

    The cost of the permits is $2.00 per vehicle per day. Payment may be made by cash, check, debit card, Visa/Mastercard, or by P-card in person at our office at time of pickup.

  • Use Of Permits

    - Permits may not be used by vendors or UF/Shands students, faculty or staff

    - Permits are valid only on the date(s) shown and only in the areas designated

    - Only original permits will be honored; permits may not be duplicated or altered

    - Lost permits are not replaceable or refundable

    - Unused permits or permits for cancelled events are non-refundable

    - Permits may be exchanged at no cost for rescheduled events only

    *Event Parking Permits do not guarantee a parking space. They provide the same opportunity to park on campus enjoyed by our faculty and staff.

Event Parking Reservations

It’s easy and affordable for your department or organization to reserve parking spaces for your next on campus event. As soon as you begin planning your event, consider where your guests will park.

Is your event for students, staff, or faculty? If so, these groups are expected to already have a parking decal to obtain a parking space on campus or to have an alternative method of getting to campus, such as taking the bus or biking, and therefore do not need reserved parking spaces to attend on campus events.

Parking event reservations should only be made when your guests will be coming to your event from off campus.

Event Parking Reservation Request Form

Submission of the Event Parking Reservation Request Form does not guarantee that your request will be approved. All requests cannot be honored due to limited parking availablity on campus. Please submit your request as early in the event planning process as possible - no later than 1 week before your event.